what have I just read


asdf omg i remember this from when i was young! 

oh my god what


lol something like this was in a book of creepy stories i have from a long time ago

this story scarred me for life i read it in kindergarten and i was like WTF?

Pages I run through

Ok, So I have decided to post this list as my motivation to collect and read more books …

This entry is written a while ago (4am ), The sun had already woke up and still I am wide awake.. @_@

And since I cannot sleep, I decided to  check for logical gaps and edit my proofs for my problem set due this week, and

of course to publish this.

Here is the list of books I’ve read, and still reading..

This is quite an accomplishment for me, because I am the type of person who likes to start reading then,

give up when I’m bored or too busy to spare my time reading non-academic stuff.

With no particular order, here  ‘tis.

1. Night- one of the books that reminds me how blessed and comfortable my life is.

2. The curious Incident of the dog in the Night time – one of my favorites, it teaches me  to love Math and Physics. It awakens the “hungry for knowledge” side of me.

3. Love in the Time of Cholera- True love waits. It gave me another perspective of what love really is.

4. ABNKKBSNPLAK- A mirror on my childhood/elementary experiences

5. Alamat ng Gubat- simplistic yet unfathomable.

4. MacArthur- I can’t remember the tone of Bob Ong in this book, but surely he made me laugh

5. Libro ni Hudas-

6. Just like Jesus- Made me cry when I first read this, life changer

7. Purpose Driven Life- another life changer book, a must read

8. What Mad man pursuit- The story of Francis Crick as they unravel the DNA form

9. On the origin of Species- The beagle expedition, and memoir of Mr. Darwin himself. It depicts his struggle as he oppose the church for the development of his research

10. Captivating- I gained a lot of self worth, when I read this book.

11. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring- An epic fantasy!!! I fell in love with Tolkien.

12. The Hobbit- Fascinating, well told, and now I wanted a bed sheet with Middle Earth’s map. Yay

13. Angela’s Ashes: It is a depiction of how man struggles to live. McCourt is one of  the best.

14. Eat Pray Love- Yay.. I fell in love with Italy.

15. Uncle Petros and the Goldbach’s Conjecture: “Mathematicians are not made, they are born”, Though I am not born to be it, I am encouraged to add something to the body of knowledge of mankind, by doing my greatest efforts on my productive years.

In Queue (I am reading this in Parallel)

1. My incredibly miserable life

2. The Silmarillion

3. Metamath

4. Harry Potter (Book 1)