Before I met you I was quite content

and happy with my life

But then you came and introduced

an extension of my world

which I thought didn’t exist

And every time I enter this extended world

I find myself intrigued, amazed, awed

This extended world somehow revolves

around you.

You’re the center of it all

Just as the four inner planets revolve

around our Sun, in the Sol star system

and so do the four Jovian planets

As Newton’s law of universal gravitation states

The force which attracts me to you is

inversely proportional to the square

of the distance between us

Which is why I prefer to be near you

so the force of attraction between us

will be so much stronger

and so I can gravitate more towards you

The locus of points equidistant to a single point

me being part of those points,

and you being the single point

Which is why you’re at the center,

and I find myself circling around you.


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