It’s always difficult for me to describe myself.

I am a very complicated person, yet I believe that there is a mystery within that has yet to be unraveled.

I love learning, and I believe that acquiring knowledge will not stop after graduating in college.

I am a researcher and a grad student specializing in Information Visualization, Data Mining, and Bioinformatics.

If you’re interested, Here’s the link of my publication site and research blog.

I love acting, and I always wanted to perform upstage.I also love singing, one of my childhood dream is to become a rockstar singer.

Being a cast of a musical play would be perfect, for it captures the best of both my dream worlds. 

Recently, I am addicted to photography. 

Through this I can share the beauty of life that other people may not notice.

Getting a copy of those fascinating bits is like possessing an overwhelming piece of treasure.

I love reading books, It enchants me while I travel from one page to the next.

Reading is like “Inception”, I can travel Middle Earth, Hogwarts, Italy and Heaven for time ticks more slowly than usual.

Since I already mentioned travelling. I want to travel the world. 

I always wanted adventures. I wanted the feeling of being a stranger in  weird (definitely not Mordor) and awesome places.

I’m very emotional. Crybaby most of the time, and I laugh wholeheartedly.

Though people may think I am weak. I often think that it is a strength.

Not everyone is willing to show that they are “weak” to other people.

I love the people who are enjoying my company. 

Talk to me when they have problems. Surprise me.

Randomly hug me without reasons.

I love God, and I am wiling to be trained by Him.

Like life, I believe that my personality has its own beauty that has yet to be discovered by persons who are fortunate enough to perceive it. 


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