The Dalai Lama (1935-) is the most influential Buddhist alive (sorry Richard Gere) and has spread his message of peace and compassion throughout the world for 50 years. He also has a really fun shaped head to draw. After being forced to flee his native Tibet in 1959 when hostilities with China broke out, he has lived his life in exile – travelling the world extensively and gaining support for his homeland and Tibetan independence. I admit not knowing much about the Dalai Lama’s story – if anyone has a good book or article to recommend, I’d love to read it.

Today, people around you may overlook you. People around you may take you for granted. And if people notice you, they only notice if you’ve done wrong. How you’ve failed. How you’ve messed up. How you fell flat on your face.

But God thinks about you differently.

He doesn’t major in your mess. He majors in your magnificence. He doesn’t focus on your fumbles, He focuses on your fabulousness.

Bo Sanchez

(Transform your Thoughts, Transform your Life)